We Are All Made of Glue by Marina Lewycka

Book review | 4/5 stars | Genre – Contemporary Fiction

Georgina Sinclair is a freelance journalist, who makes a living contributing to a trade magazine. After her lawyer husband Rip Sinclair walks out of the marriage, Georgina finds herself involved with elderly neighbor Mrs Shapiro, a 92-year-old Jewish emigre. As Georgie tries to put Mrs Shapiro’s life back together, somehow she must stop her own from falling apart.

(Synopsis from Goodreads)

Upon first impression…

Sticking with the theme of books from my Christmas list; this book was one I’d gone back and forth on. The title was interesting and the book cover was quirky and eye-catching. I gave this book a chance through sheer luck, it was different to what I normally would pick up – honestly that didn’t change throughout my read but I did still enjoy it.

Top moments…

  • Mrs Shapiro – such a hilarious character. Every time she appears in the book I can’t help but smile. She is sharp of tongue and offers the most hilarious comments, while also showcasing moments of emotional vulnerability that really ground the character.
  • Ongoing Mysteries – throughout the book there are many people introduced who look set to benefit from the possible sale of Mrs Shapiro’s home. Half the book I could never tell who to trust (much like the protagonist), even at the end the trustworthy characters still had an edge about them.
  • Weird 50 shades moment – maybe it’s because over never been divorced or that way inclined, but is was shocking to suddenly have a rather erotic sex scene placed in the middle of this book. At first it was off putting, then it started to make sense for the character


I enjoyed reading this book and I’m glad it was my final book of January. I never really get into books that are solely realistic fiction but this one I enjoyed. It was funny and emotional and I could picture the whole story in my head as it unfolded.


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