“The Best of Me” by David Sedaris

Book Reivew | Rating - 3/5 | Genre - Nonfiction/Comedy So, it has been a while since I've written any reviews for books, having been dealing with some mental health issues. Now i'm back and ready to delve back into reviewing books I've been reading this year. We'll start off here, with a book I... Continue Reading →

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Taking 2022 by storm… kind of

So, we’re six days into 2022 (when I’m writing this) and I thought it was time to take a breath from the madness of Christmas and look back at what I’d done the last year. This would’ve been solely book focused, however, a lot was happening in my life that forced me to take a... Continue Reading →

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Parsnips, Buttered: How to win at modern life, one email at a time by Joe Lycett | Book Review

Book Review | Rating - 4/5 | Genre - Nonfiction / Biography I've always been a fan of Joe Lycett, from his comedy tours to his downright bizarre instagram posts. It was a couple years ago that I go his book as a Christmas present from my mother. I'm not sure why I hadn't picked... Continue Reading →

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