Welcome to my blog, a place where all my thoughts and opinions can be set free, rather than rattling around in my head. This is the product of a lot of internal thinking and uncertainty as to what I wanted to write about. Then I remembered my one love in life…Books!

Reading has always been a true love of mine, so it just made sense that I would spend a lot of time reviewing them. I normally stick to ready Young Adult books (yep even in my mid-20s I find them enjoyable), but I also like to dable in other areas.

I’m still working on a complete plan for how i’ll create and post, but i’d like to keep it rather free flowing, writing about books as and when i’ve read them or if the thought comes to me.

If i’ve done this correctly it should be set up so you can recommend books that I should read or maybe you want to simply tell me about books that you enjoy.

Joe 🙂

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