Taking 2022 by storm… kind of

So, we’re six days into 2022 (when I’m writing this) and I thought it was time to take a breath from the madness of Christmas and look back at what I’d done the last year. This would’ve been solely book focused, however, a lot was happening in my life that forced me to take a pause on my reading pile and writing projects.

Firstly, I changed jobs, twice. Outside of wanting to become a professional writer, I work in beauty e-commerce and through 2021 I moved companies twice. It was a struggle at first finding where I wanted to move to, hence the lack of reading, but by the end of the year I found myself a job I thoroughly enjoy.

So, what’s this got to do with books?

Well, now that my professional life is slightly more stable, I can turn my attention back onto my other passions… books!

Not wanting to write whole paragraphs for too long, here is a short but sweet list of my goals for 2022…

  • Read 45 Books – Similar to last year, I’ll be doing the Goodreads reading challenge, hopefully reading 45 books this year
  • Finish my book – unless you knew me in person, you would never know



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