Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris – Book Review

Book review | 4/5 stars | Autobiography

Welcome to the wonderful world of America’s foremost humorist David Sedaris, where learning French, like life, is littered with idiosyncratic delights…


In latest edition of “books I got over Christmas” here was my third read of the year. Technically not a present, but a book I’ve borrowed from my Grandad. There were no expectations for this; I’ve not heard of David Sedaris before and I was mainly going off Grandads recommendations. I found myself really enjoying the humour of this book.

Initial thoughts…

At first it was hard to get involved in the overall rhythm of the book. Each chapter is another story of his life; so keeping track of his life was hard. It wasn’t long till his witty narration had me hooked.

Top moments…

  • Attempts at speaking French: half way through David starts to learn French. It brings in an interesting style whereby he writes the literal English translation of what he’s saying, which most of the time is slightly wrong.
  • Super witty: the whole of this book was easy to read. His wit just made each story seem so relatable and funny.
  • Something different: like I’ve said many times – I’ve never been one for autobiographies; but this one reads sometimes more like a good fiction book. Not that his life seems unrealistic, but his narration harks back to characters from some of my favourite fictional books.


I really enjoyed this book, it’s a very easy and enjoyable read. I’ll need to thank my grandad for recommending it. This has definitely inspired me to read more of his books.


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