The Legend of Ravenstone by M.S.Verish

Book Review | Rating – 1/5 | Genre – Fantasy

“They were destined for failure. 

When William, a mysterious and manipulative wizard, learns the deadly Ravenstone has been uncovered by a self-proclaimed regent known as the Priagent, he hastily assembles a group of mismatched travelers to steal the stone and deliver it to safety.”

(synopsis from Goodreads)

What did I like?

Well I’m not really sure what I can say about this one. I’d have to say that the thing I liked about this book is that it was free. I’ve had a book app on my phone for a while and this was one of the books they had available for free. Really not the most positive of things to say about a book but I’m a little stuck for positive reviews on this one.

I guess the one point from the actual story that I enjoyed was the possible mythologies that they attempt to build up through different character’s stories and dreams from the main character. There were really interesting concepts that I could vividly picture as stories were being told.

Why 1/5?

  • Ideas are introduced and then swiftly forgotten about: there were so many interesting ideas crammed into this book. But by the time the author sticks to the final adventure all narratives before this are swiftly forgotten about. It made it so hard to understand what was happening
  • Frustrating and boring characters: I’ll give the book credit where its due. The characters were at least different enough for a dynamic to be noticeable and help move the story forward. However, this was all ruined by the continued miserable and off-putting attitude of the wizard (who isn’t a wizard) character. He spends the entire story complaining about everything to the point I just didn’t care about him at all.
  • I didn’t finish it: now this doesn’t happen that often, actually I think the last time I did this was most likely a couple of years back. I just couldn’t bring myself to continue any further. I wasn’t even that far from the end, but the thought of reading through two more chapters just filled me with dread.

Would I recommend this?

Definitely not. It was just boring to read. I feel bad for saying this as I know its no easy feat writing a book. This just didn’t sit right with me at all. The story was all over the place and the characters were not interesting enough for me to invest my time.


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