‘The Princess Diarist’ by Carrie Fisher

Book Review | Rating 4/5 | Genre – Autobiography

Carrie Fisher, an actress best know for her role as Princess Leia in Star Wars, as well as a hilariously witty author and comedian. ‘The Princess Diarist’ is a compilation of Fisher’s journals that she wrote during her time on the set of the first Star Wars movie.

What did I like?

I’ve always been admirer of Carrie Fisher, she was always so unashamedly honest, whether it was about her drug habits or the hardships of celebrity life. I was able to laugh out loud at some of her anecdotes that showcased how she spent her time on the set of what was to become the hit sci-fi movie.

Despite the hilarity of some of the stories, they are broken up with the hard reality that Fisher faced throughout her life; from the turbulent child-hood watching her mother struggle with her own fame, then facing the same issues when she was older.

Why 4/5?

It is definitely worth 4/5 as I did really enjoy reading it. The only reason that I didn’t give it 5/5 is that i’ve still not come around to entirely loving autobiographys. I’ll only really read an autobiography about someone who I really admire.

Would I recommend it?

For those who would love to know more about Carrie Fisher’s life and have an interest in the Star Wars movies, this is definitely the right book to read. Fisher’s witty humour makes perfect reading, and stops the more serious subjects from getting too intense for everyday reading.

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  1. I’ve been reading to read this book, too! I always liked how genuine and funny Carrie Fisher felt when she was interviewed and knowing that her personality got through the page well is an incentive in getting into this soon 😊

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