“Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares” by David Levithan & Rachel Cohn | Book Review

Book Review | Rating - 3/5 | Genre - Young Adult / Romance This has been a book I've had for a good while now, having bought the book during a phase in my life when I had just discovered David Levithan as an author. It was one of those books that I remember reading... Continue Reading →

“The Kingdom” by Jess Rothenberg | Book Review

So its been a while since I've been able to just see a book in a shop and buy it straight up. Mainly becuase I've had a million books at home to read through, but now I've got through them I came across The Kingdom. The front-cover looked pretty cool and it looked like a dark twist on classic fairytales, so I was sold from the get go.

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

The monster showed up after midnight. As they do. But it isn't the month Conor's been expecting. He's been expecting the one from his nightmare, the one he's had neraly every night since his mother started her treatments, the one with the darkness and the wind and the screaming...

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