My Top 5 Love Stories | Books for… Valentine’s Day

There have been the odd few romances that have really stuck with me; this is a collection 5 books of books that have done just that...

Sunny Days and Self-Reflection | May 2020

Another month has passed still with no sign of lockdown easing any time soon. With tensions high, there was a sense of positivity when the sun shone bright behind the clouds. England was bathed in a warm glow for two weeks - this was the perfect time to read while sunbathing!

The New Normal – April 2020

So, the first full month of lockdown in the UK has now passed, and its safe to say that it has been one weird month. Speaking for myself, i've been through all the emotions this month; dispare, annoyance, anger, and acceptance. I'm pretty over-emotional at the best of times, but I think the flurry and... Continue Reading →

Great Literary Mothers

In comemoration to Mother's Day (in the UK), I thought i'd take a look back at some of the amazing mothers that i've come across in many of the books that i've read.

Inspired by World Book Day

Whether it is people dressing up as their favourite literary character or people talking about their childhood books, its always so fascinating to see how much books have affected everyone's lives.

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