Sunny Days and Self-Reflection | May 2020

Another month has passed still with no sign of lockdown easing any time soon. With tensions high, there was a sense of positivity when the sun shone bright behind the clouds. England was bathed in a warm glow for two weeks – this was the perfect time to read while sunbathing!

So that is what I did. When I wasn’t working, I took myself to the garden, pulling up a chair and a good book. Despite the misery of not being able to join the family BBQ, I could distract myself with some classic literature from my university days.

In with the old…

Having read through most of the books in my “to be read” pile, I turned to the pile of books I had neglected since uni. Here were the books I should’ve read when studying yet didn’t, mainly because I just never found enjoyment in most classic literature – but thought I’d give it a go.

Firstly, I read I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith. Although I didn’t enjoy it as hoped, it didn’t turn me off my exploration of classic texts. From here I turned to Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility. Amazingly I actually enjoyed this one – it’s given me reason to try out more classic books in the future, particularly that of Austen’s.

Self-Discovery while tanning…

With time on my hands and a continued struggle with anxiety, I thought I’d take some time during lockdown to unravel this issue. Here I turned to a humorous self-help book The Art of not Giving a F**k by Sarah Knight.

There were moments that made me laugh and the odd piece of helpful advice. Yet overall I felt the book simply undermined its own rule of not being an awful person in the ambition of not giving a f**k.

Month end…

With May now finished I can look back at the time I got a tan and finished books I didn’t think I ever would. It’s taught me to embrace more works of classic literature, and also to wear more sunscreen when it’s sunny.

There was a lot more that happened in the month. However I would like to address this in a separate post in order to give it the respect it deserves.


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