The New Normal – April 2020

So, the first full month of lockdown in the UK has now passed, and its safe to say that it has been one weird month. Speaking for myself, i’ve been through all the emotions this month; dispare, annoyance, anger, and acceptance. I’m pretty over-emotional at the best of times, but I think the flurry and changeable emotions is justified in this sense.

Despite, the roller-coaster of emotions that I experienced throughout April, I did get to find a lot more time to read a lot more books. There were many a sunny day where I could kick back and pass the time away with a good book. It was a really good way to get myself used to this new normal we’re currently living…

Fighting lockdown with the humorous…

At the beginning of the April lockdown was definitely starting to take its toll on me mentally. There was a sense of helplessness as I went through each day like a really dull version of “Groundhog Day”. So instead I turned to a book my Grandad leant me Wilt on High, not entirely sure why I didn’t write a review for this one. As bizarre as this book was it was definitely something that brought a smile to my face for the first part of this month.

Mission accomplished…

Before lockdown, something which felt like a lifetime ago, I made the decision that I was going to read all seven books from the Chronicles of Narnia. Lets be honest, what better time is there to read seven books that a country-wide lockdown.

I managed to get through a number of the books in March, finally finishing the series with The Silver Chair & The Last Battle around the 2nd week of April. It was the perfect sense of accomplishment that helped change my attitude towards this lockdown.

A Little Poetry Never Hurt Anyone…

There was one particularly sunny day during April that coincided with a day off work. By this point I was moving a lot closer to feeling content with this current predicament. It was on this day that I wanted to lean closer towards a more relaxed attitude and embracing the positive sides of lockdown.

From this, I decided to pull out two poetry books I got as a birthday present from my best friend. Both dealt with very personal issues and turned them into two beautiful collections of poems; starting with Your Soul is a River then finishing the day with Your Heart is the Sea. It was a great choice as I felt very content and relaxed by the end of the day.

Month end…

Towards the end I found myself rising higher into a more content feeling of acceptance towards the lockdown. The books I had chosen throughout the month definitely helped, and also eased me back into reading when I didn’t know what to do with myself.

However, as I now write this (May 9th) I’m finding my mood dipping once again. Here is hoping that its just a blip. For now, I’m currently reading Dodie Smith’s I Capture the Castle, a book I was meant to read at uni, but never did. Who knows, it’ll probably take my mind off this poorer mood.


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