‘Your Heart is the Sea’ by Nikita Gill | Book Review

Rating – 3/5 | Genre – Poetry

I had a bit of a day of reading poetry, for someone who doesn’t enjoy poetry, this was a pretty strange day for me. There was something very serence about sitting in the sun all day reading poetry. I felt a little like I was in a artsy indi movie, not necassarily a bad thing!

Let poetry help you examine the depths of your wounds. Let it remind you that no matter how deep it goes, you will be able to heal it because you have been able to heal every single wound inflicted on your heart and soul before. Let these words show you that you will be able to find the light at the end of the wound because you have always found you way before. (from the book)

Having read Your Sould is a River the very same day, I had pretty high hopes. I had found the kind of poems that I liked fromt he previous collection, and already came to found I like Gill’s writing style.

Initiial reaction…

Much like Gill’s other collection, there were a number of poems that I did enjoy and then equally a number of poems that I didn’t enjoy as much. However, there was still enough emotion in each of mini-collections for me to still enjoy the overall collection.

What did I enjoy?

  • The Worship: once again there was one specific mini-collection that really resonated more with me, this was the one from this book. It brings in Greek mythology but looks at them from a different perspective. These poems humanises the Gods, giving their stories a more realistic feel. I’ve always been a fan of mythology so I was instantly drawn to this collection.
  • How to become a myth: My favourite poem from the collection, which falls within the “Worship” mini-collection. It pretty much sums up everything you’d expect from Greek mythology in one long beautiful poem. There is such power behind this poem.

What differed from the last collection?

Unlike the other collection, this one didn’t gel as well with me. There were still poems that I enjoyed, but it didn’t feel like the collection had anything to do with the “sea” conecpt I was expecting from the title and book design. The mixed messaging really took away from the overall collection.


I was still able to enjoy this collection, there were definite similarities between the two, both in style and feeling. ‘The Myth’ was a collection I enjoyed the whole way through. However, the overall writing just felt more like poetry that I just don’t enjoy.

Now, this isn’t me saying that I won’t try another of Nikita Gill’s collection, I’ll just lean more towards Soul than Heart type poetry next time.


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