“The Magicians Nephew” by C.S.Lewis

Book Review | 5/5 stars | Genre – Fantasy

So I’ve had the book series for many many years, I want to say since I was about 13. For some reason I’ve only ever read the first two books. However, I want to change that so I’m using this whole month to read them all. Well, accomplished that so far, so hear is the review for the first book…

Initial reaction…

I really don’t think there was going to be a question that I enjoyed this book. So when it came to picking this one up for my bus journey reads, I took it like a duck to water. It wasn’t long before the bustling traffic was lost to the world of Narnia.

Best moments…

  • Child-like view: a lot of what goes on is shown through the eyes of the children. Everything comes across so magical and more wondrous.
  • Ties to future books: as the story unfolds there are glimpses of characters or events that will take place in the other books.
  • Creation of Narnia: now this moment I’m the book is absolutely superb. It acts as an allegory for Gods creation of the Earth, now I’m not a religious person, but this moment is so wonderfully written that I was still fascinated.

In conclusion…

Overall, I absolutely loved this book. It was a great start to the series. The world is created in a spectacular fashion that opens it up for the rest of the books. I’m always hoping this book will be made into a fantastic movie (if I could adapt it, I’d be even happier).


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