New Year, New Perspective

So, it’s 2020, actually as I write this we’re already 8 days in. Like most people the beginning of the new year has encouraged me to look back at 2019 and figure out if there is anything I want to change moving into not only a new year but a new decade.

For me the last 10 years have seen a fair amount of change; I mean I started off as a naive 16 year old, still at school and entirely unsure as to what the future would hold for me. 10 years on I’m 26, working in a job that I love, I have a wonderful boyfriend of 2 years, I live away from my parents; the only thing that hasn’t changed is I’m still unsure what the future holds for me – only this time it doesn’t fill me with as much dread as it did in 2010.

I guess that’s why I’m here writing this; instead of trying to sleep because I’ve got work tomorrow. Like the past decade the 2020’s have a lot to offer me – I’ll be well into my 30s by the time it’s over, hopefully married, with a child and owning a house of my own. But how do I get to that point? What should I be doing with this first year? These questions can’t be entirely unique to myself – everyone around the world may be asking themselves the same thing.

So that brings me to the main point of this rather rambling train of thought. I think for the next decade I’m going to practice just doing more. I only realised it in the build up to new year; I’ve always been afraid to step out and just go with my gut, there are so many thoughts and ideas I’ve not put on paper, projects I started and never finished – I want to be a writer yet refuse to let anyone read what I’ve written. That’s mainly why I’ve written all this – I had the idea and wanted to just get it out there.

I want to use this post as a promise that in 10 years time I can look back and see that I at least gave my all. Who knows this could just be the final thing I write – or it could be the spark that inspires my first bestselling novel. Despite the rather crap day I’ve had today, I have this wonderful sense of relief that no matter what happens from this point on I’m going to be ok.

Sorry there was no real mention of books in this post, heck there might not even be anyone reading this. I’ll try to talk more about books next time. Happy 2020.


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