‘The Graveyard Book’ by Neil Gaiman

Book Review | Rating 5/5 | Genre – Fantasy

After his family is brutally murdered by a mysterious figure, a young boy ends up in the care of ghosts in the local graveyard. Over the years the boy (Nobody ‘Bod’ Owens) grows up in the care of his friendly family of ghosts; only to be hunted down by the mysterious figure bent on killing him.

What did I like?

Similar to ‘Coraline’, which I reviewed last week, I found the book to be such an interesting and witty book that kept me gripped throughout. It was so weirdly different to other books that i’ve read, with Gaiman’s writing style keeping the plot realistic with a supernatiral twist. It made Bod’s story hilarious to read, with a heart-breaking twist from his backstory.

It was so easy to fall in love with all the characters, with each chapter showing their growth and changes over the years. I could watch Bod grow from a young child, naieve to the fate of his late family, into a curious young man, wanting to explore the world outside the graveyard.

Was it worth 5/5?

I’ve noticed recently that I can give Neil Gaiman’s books 5/5, there is something magical about his writing that keeps me gripped everytime I read them. This book is definitely no exception.

Would I recommend it?

Much like Coraline, it is another great starter book for Neil Gaiman’s other books. It reads similar to a child’s story, yet it can appeal to people of all ages. If you’re looking for a quick book to get yourself obsorbed in, this is the one to read.

If you want to find out more about this book you can always look into it on Goodread here.


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