Book Review – “The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue” by Mackenzi Lee

The story follows Henry Montague ‘Monty’, a wealthy gentleman who is about to venture out of a tour of the continent with his friend Percy and his sister Felicity. What sounds like a typical period novel injects an interesting twist in Monty’s love for Percy.

Why did I like It?

From the very beginning, I was taken in by the intricate detail of each character. They were interesting and flawed, but not to the point where the became completely dislikable. From the witty Monty, the main character with a secret crush on his childhood friend, to his recluse younger sister, who showcases a much more fiery personality.

Bi-Sexual Representation

For probably the first time, I’ve found a book that positively portrays a bi-sexual character without using this sexual identity as a means to hide their homosexuality. Monty is a self-assured bi man, who, despite the views of those around him, isn’t scared of giving himself to both women and men alike.

Where Were The flaws?

Even brilliantly written books, there will always be something slightly off. With this one, it was the predictability of the plot. From the start, I had an idea where the story would be going. Despite this, I still felt satisfied with having finished this story.

Who Would Like This Book?

I would say that those who are fans of YA novels would enjoy this book due to the diverse array of characters as well as an appealing adventure plot. It could also appeal to those who enjoy a good period novel and are looking for a book that offers a different twist on this genre.


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