Book Review – ‘War of the Worlds’ by H.G.Wells

A classic novel where mankind comes into contact with aliens from another planet. As can be expected from the title, it doesn’t go as well as most people would hope. I won’t go in to great detail; this is a classic novel that i’m sure many people have read, and for those who haven’t I won’t want to spoil too much of the story.

What did I like?

For starters, I enjoyed the overall concept. There is something really intriguing about what would happen if/when mankind eventually does come into contact with life from another planet. It really showcases the terror that would ensue when this contact goes horrifically wrong. The chaos shines through and reveals a very different perspective of human life that is shown in the opening of the book.

Were there any flaws?

Yes, throughout there were parts that I really enjoyed. However, the moments in between these were kind of dull. There were moments where I just felt completely disconnected from the story. I also found that the narrator would occasionally come across rather indifferent to the horror that was going on around him.

The saving grace

Now this book did have a moment where I did come around to understand it’s classic novel status… the end. Now I won’t give it away, all I will say is that dispite struggling with the narration, the ending definitely brought me back around, actually coming to enjoy the final section of the story.


I feel kind of disappointed in saying this, but this is a book that I would recommend to be read in order to tick off the ‘to be read list’, but it isn’t one that is great for entertainment. Dispite enjoying the ending, I am disheartenedas this was not enough to save the book in its entirity.


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