Book Review – ‘The Northern Lights’ by Philip Pullman

I’ve had this book for many years, it was bought during the hype of its film adaptation, in the hopes of reading it before I saw the movie. Eventually none of these things happened. Now, many years after buying it, i’ve finally gotten round to reading this hugely popular book.

What Did I Like?

For me, its hard to say that I enjoyed the plot however, it did take me a while to actually find myself enjoying the book. Moving quickly away from the negatives; when I did start to enjoy the book, I found the plot to be interesting and compelling. The fantasy elements were so intricately created that they definitely felt realistic.

What Were The Flaws? (if any)

Straight to the point, I found this book rather difficult to read. From the moment I started it, I was instantly reminded of the many attempts I had made to read this book before instantly putting it down. I was especially put off by Lyra, the young main character; she came across as annoying to the point where she started to distract me from the rest of the story.


There were moments throughout the middle and towards the end that had me longing to find out how it ends. Finding enjoyment from the interesting and compelling plot; however, with Lyra’s irritating personality put me off.


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