St Patrick’s Day – Finding Irish Authors

In the true spirit of St Patrick’s day I thought i’d try and educate myself on some of the brilliant books that were written by Irish authors, but while checking that the books I read were actually written by Irish authors, I found a whole list of Irish authors and here are a few that caught my interest.

The first is ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray‘, written by one of the most well-known Irish authors, Oscar Wilde. A classic gothic novel; the story follows Dorian Gray, a fashionable young man who sells his sole for eternal youth. I have been fascinated by this book for many years; from others talking about it when they studied it, to the character appearing in ‘League of Extraordinary Gentleman’.

Next would be ‘Room‘, a contemporary novel written by Emma Donoghue. This interesting book follows five year old Jack living with his mum in his single roomed world. Like most, this book was brought to my attention after the release of the award winning movie. It is this unique storyline that compels me to find out what will actually happen.

Finally there is, ‘Brooklyn‘ by Colm Toibin. This modern classic depicts the life of a young Irish woman trying to make a life in Brooklyn in the 1950s. Yet another book that I was introduced to through its film adaptation. Although not normally the kind of book I would go for, there is something about the story that makes me want to read it.

  • Find more books by Irish authors here.

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